uniThreads – A user script that will streamline your Unity Forums experience

uniThreads was designed for the older Unity forum software. It doesn’t work with the new forum software, so, you know, don’t install it.

It’s hard to feel caught up with all that’s going on in the fast-growing Unity community. It’s especially tough to read those 30 odd page long announcement threads on the Unity Forums without some kind of life-support system attached to your heart, lungs, and liver. Hopefully, the following should make it easier on all of us.

Introducing, uniThreads, a Greasemonkey user-script that makes reading multi-page Unity forum threads easier by dynamically adding remaining replies so you don’t have to navigate to individual pages.

It works like this: Whenever you navigate to a Unity Forum thread, the script starts running in the background. When you scroll past the first-half of the page, the scripts starts fetching the replies found on the next page (if there is one.) When it detects that you’ve scrolled near the bottom of the page, it inserts the prefetched replies into the reply table, and places an indicator telling you which replies have been added and from which page. It does this for every page, allowing you to scroll your way down to the very last reply of the entire thread. How cool is that?

It’s oh-so easy to setup:

  • If you’re using Google Chrome, all you need to do is click here (it points to the uniThreads.user.js file on my server) and Chrome will prompt you to install it as an extension.
  • If you’re using Firefox, you’ll first need to install the Greasemonkey Extension from here. Restart the browser and then click here to prompt Greasemonkey to install the uniThreads.user.js script. You might need to hit Refresh once on the script page for the prompt to show up.
  • If you’re using Safari 5, grab the extension package from here, unzip, and double-click to install it.
  • It even works in Opera! Check out this short tutorial by monsieur Antonie Potgieter on how to install user-scripts.
  • Now that you have the script installed, simply visit a Unity Forum thread and start scrolling.

I’m currently looking for a lot of feedback on this script. If you use it and run into issues or think of ways to improve the user-experience, let me know! You can PM me on the Unity Forums, catch me on Twitter or shoot me an e-mail. E-mail address is in the About box down and to the left.


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