F is for Free Unity Consulting Fridays (FUCF)

FUCF has been temporarily put on hold. Please contact me directly with consulting requests and we’ll work something out.

A helping hand for those in need of consulting on Unity projects.

I will devote 5 hours every Friday to offer consulting to whomever might need it. Sign up form is on its way located here. In the meanwhile, read up on what I can help you with (in increasing order of complexity, or something like that) and how the consulting sessions will work.

  • Unity Basics/Intro
  • Art pipeline in Unity
  • Scripting in Javascript and C#
  • Making Physics obey!
  • *new*┬áMaking 2D games in Unity
  • Writing Editor scripts to enhance workflow
  • Performance considerations
  • Building to the iPhone
  • Talking to Objective-C from Unity
  • 3rd party package integration on iPhone (eg. OpenFeint)

My current plan is to hold these as one-hour sessions over Skype. Once the web-form is up So you sign up to one of the open hour slots and boom!.. free consulting for that hour. No hooks, no bullshit!

The hour-slots listed will be are GMT/UTC. You can do the math.

If in doubt, contact me. If in doubt as to how you can contact me, look in the About box at the lower-left corner.


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